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10-10 type dial around service

What is a Dial-Around?

A dial-around is simply a method to dial a long distance number using a provider other than your subscribed switched long distance service. In effect, you dial "around" them, rather than "through" them.

 Examples of dial around 's are: 10-10,1010220,10-10-220,1010321,10-10-321,




Call Madrid, United Kingdom, Bucharest, Australia, Tokyo at discounted rates.

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CogniDial Dial-Around was designed to save you money on your international calls.  

Easy to use
To place international calls, simply dial our toll free access number, listen for a voice prompt, and place your call. It's that easy!

Online Billing
View your bill online, in real-time! If you are currently a customer, click here to access your account!

Discal's Low Phone Rates is proud to present CogniDial Toll Free Dial-Around Service, saving you money on in-state, interstate, and international long distance calls. Our outstanding toll-free dial-around service is available to everyone in the contiguous United States and Canada. Simply access our network through our toll free number, listen for a voice prompt, and dial away! This service is billed (post-paid) to your Visa or Mastercard, and your bill is viewable real-time online.
This service is PERFECT for people who:
  • pay more than 7.8 cents/min for 1+ INSTATE calls
  • make ANY international calls
  • pay more than 7.8 cents/min for calling card calls
The 2-Step Sign Up Process
1-Sign up for service on our online order form.
2-You will receive a confirmation email that will contain your toll-free access number, account login, and password once your signup request has been accepted.

*All calls billed in 6 second increments - 60 second minimum. Canadian origination available - just add 4.4 cents to the U.S. rates. There are NO connection or service fees! Please be advised that in order to maximize call quality we must sometimes change our underlying domestic and international carriers. As a result, the cost of our new routes will be reflected in the rates that are forwarded to you. For this reason, we would like you to know up front that rates are subject to change without notice. Please make sure to check your personalized web page for the latest rates.

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